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Q – When are the Training camps and do I have to attend?
A – A full list of the dates for the training camps can be found on OSM.  Although they are not mandatory, it is highly advised that you make every effort to attend to give yourself opportunity to get to know the rest of the unit and find out all the information you need for there jamboree.

Q – What will the training camps involve?
A – We will be tailoring the camps to cover a whole range of skills that you will need to have the best jamboree experience, ranging from cooking to photography, public speaking to first aid and hygiene.  If you feel that there is something in particular you need us to cover, let us know and we will build it into the programme!

Q – Will there be any other events apart from the training camps?
A – We are looking at organising some day events around the county to run alongside the training weekends.  The content and dates of these are yet to be confirmed.  There will also be a number of “social” events for you to take part in

Q – Who will be organising these social events and do I have to attend?
A – the social events are not mandatory but just a way for you to get to know your fellow unit members and have fun.  We will be looking from volunteers from the unit to help organise and run these events, so if you have an idea let us know!

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Personal Development and Goals

Q – What does this mean?
A – Everyone young person will be asked to set themselves 6 personal goals, one of which must be achieved after the jamboree.  They can be a mix of short or long terms goals and could be completed individually or in groups.

Q – What should these goals be?
A – As everyone is different, it would be down to each young person to decide what their goals should be.  Where possible they should try and link with the 5 Programme Objectives: Physical, Intellectual. Emotional, Social and spiritual Development.

Q – I’ve decided on some goals – now what?
A – Set out to achieve them! But make sure you save any evidence to show your journey – this could include photographs, a Blog, Vlog, achievement of a badge or award or anything else you can think of!  Why not celebrate your success with the rest of the UK Contingent using the #UK24WSHPD hashtag on social media.

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Money Matters

Q – How much will the Jamboree cost?
A – Wiltshire contingent are charging £4000 per person to attend the Jamboree.  This includes – training camps, Unit Kit, Contingent Kit, Flights, The Jamboree Itself, Big City Experience, UK Contingent post event.

Q – When do I need to pay by?
A – A breakdown of the payment dates and amounts can be found by clicking here along with all the information on how to pay.

Q – I have been offered a donation via cheque – who should this be made payable too?
A – Please ask for the cheques to be made payable to “Wiltshire Scout Council” this can then be passed to one of the leadership team of the county treasurer to be cashed.

Q – If I don’t attend a training event will the costs be removed from my the overall fee?
A – Unfortunately you will not see this cost directly drop from your individual fee.  When we confirm final costs in 2019 this will reduce the overall cost to all.  As we said at the first briefing £4000 is the maximum and we hope to bring the costs down.

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Jamboree Life

Q – Can I take my phone to the jamboree?
A – We will not stop you from taking any personal electronics to the jamboree, but this is done so at your own risk!  So far the information we have been given would suggest that the jamboree will have a digital element, although at what level, or what will be provided is yet to be confirmed.  This information will develop between now and the jamboree so we will keep you updated.  Some information we have seen so far suggests ordering and buying food and booking into activities and watching queue times will be completed electronically but this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to have their phones with them at all time.

Q – Who will I be camping with?
A – Wiltshire will be camping as a unit (78) at the jamboree.  We will be camping in one of the 5 camping zones and joined by scouts from all over the world to form the sub camp.

Q – Will we be doing the activities as one unit?
A – At the jamboree, the unit will be split into 4 patrols of 9.  The activities will take place in these patrols.

Q – Do I get to choose what patrol I am in?
A – Throughout the training camps you will be put into a mixture of different patrols so we can see how you interact with each other and so you get a chance to know everyone.  You will find out the final patrols as part of the last few training camps.  Where possible we will take into account personal preference but ultimately the leaders will have the final say in the patrols.

Q – How busy will we be?
A – Exact programme won’t be confirmed for a while, but we can only assume days will be hot, long and very tiring.  There will be lots of walking between sites and activities.   We have discussed Sleep and Hydration with all the scouts and will continue to discuss this at every opportunity as these will be key over the duration of the Jamboree (and all the training camps).

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Jamboree Logistics

Q – What are the exact dates for the jamboree?
A – The Jamboree itself will run from 22nd July to 2nd of august 2019.  The UK contingent will be departing the UK 19th-21st July 2019.  The exact return date is yet to be confirmed.

Q – I wish to collect my child from the Airport in America so we can continue a holiday after the jamboree – would this be possible?
A – We will be travelling as part of the 4000 strong UK Contingent, both to and from the jamboree – this coupled with the fact we are currently unable to confirm, exact travel plans at this stage means we wouldn’t be able to facilitate this kind of arrangement.

Q – In what order will the HoHo, Contingent event, Big City Experience and Jamboree be?
A – Currently we do not know the exact order of events.  As soon as we have this information we will share it with you.

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Home Hospitality (HoHo)

Q – What is HoHo?
A – HoHo or Home Hospitality is an opportunity for the unit to experience everyday life and culture of scouts in the area that they are visiting.  It is also an opportunity for us to share our own way of life and culture.

Q – Where will the HoHo take place?
A – We will be taken in by a scout troop in either United States or Canada.

Q – Where will be staying?  Will we be split up as a unit
A – At the moment the information we have been given is that we will remain as one unit, staying at/in the Scout Hut of the hosting Scout troop.

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Big City Experience

Q – Which city will we get the opportunity to explore?
A – This will be confirmed closer to the time, but the at the moment the choice is between New York City and Washington DC.

Q – What will the Experience Involve?
A – Closer to the time we will be assigned the city that we are visiting and told what activities are available.  When this happens it will be down to each unit to help design their own programme, designed to learn new skills and find out more about the cities culture.

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UK Contingent Post Event

Q – What is this?
A – this will be a chance for all UK Units to meet together and share and experience unique to the UK Contingent.  The Event will be a celebration of North American Culture.

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