Roverway 2018

What ?

Roverway 2018 is an incredible European adventure for all 16 – 22 year olds. The next event will be hosted by Scouting Nederland and organised by the European Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

When and where?

From 23 July to 2 August 2018, it will take place in the Netherlands. Over 3,000 participants (aged 16 – 22) from over twenty countries will participate in Roverway.


You need to be between 16-22 at the time of the event. You will need to be confident and quite independent as you will be travelling across the country and between sites, meeting lots of people form different backgrounds. Applications will be open to all eligible members in the county. We have accepted a patrol of between 6 and 8 spaces – which has to include a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader, both over the age of 18.

How does it work?

The participants will be in County Patrols of 6-8 ahead of the event. They will be encouraged to meet regularly, take part in practice camps and gain camping skills in addition to a Nights Away permit for Patrol Leaders. The patrols from different countries join together to form a crew of around 50 people


There will be pre event activities in Amsterdam, a large opening ceremony in The Hague, 5 days on a path of their choosing (paths have different themes eg culture, outdoor etc) and 5 days at a Jamboree style central camp at the International Scout & Guide Centre, Zeewolde.


Participant A: £995 (includes travel)

Participant B: £830 (not including travel)

IST A: £835 (includes travel)

IST B: £680 (not including travel)

The fee is inclusive of the following:

  • 1x regional briefing day (Grand Rover Tour)
  • 1 x briefing weekend for patrol leaders (PL) and assistant patrol leaders only (PL Academy)
  • 48 hour pre-event in Amsterdam
  • Roverway 2018 event fee
  • Contingent kit, badges and necks
  • Insurance
  • Return travel (option A only)

For those interested in IST,  they will be recruiting nationally and this will commence very soon. Please keep an eye on for more on this.

Opportunities for those over 22 years of age

There is also an opportunity for those aged 23+ to go as a member of the International Service Team (IST). There will be a national recruitment campaign for these positions, opening in the summer.

More information is available on the event website:

Roverway participants must be born between the dates of 2nd August 1995 and 25th July 2002 and be an active member of The Scout Association

For a role description for Patrol Leader please click here

Roverway Application Form

Deadline for applications is 10th September 2017